Paint restoration

This is a great old house near the University of Utah. The paint was in real poor condition on the porches and window trim. Each area was dealt with using the same basic process but in varying degrees depending on the extent of damage. The process is a bit like exploratory surgery. I could see on the surface that there were problems but I had to start scraping, planing and sanding to see what was underneath. I chose a planer as the tool to dig down deep because a belt sander would take a lot longer and would make even more dust. The planer was noisy but it produces a more coarse debris than a sander. Next I used the belt sander. Then there was a lot of puttying and priming. These pictures will show basics of the process. Sorry I don’t have more photos of the finish product. It turned out great

nay-pnt-1 The cracks visible on the surface penetrate all the way to the wood

Nyra (13)





We also worked on windows as shown below


mix 002



The owner is very happy to have her classic home being restored

  1. sandy
    December 27, 2012 at 3:22 am

    Very nicely done!

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